Stan Kozlowski

President & Creactivity Craftsman


tel: 435-729-9244



Stan hails from the commercial real estate world where his razor sharp business skills and networking ability have helped form and define the heart of CooperWynn's ethos.  He joined The Color Run in 2011 as it trailblazed its way into multi-city event history; serving as an operations specialist, event director, event MC and overall team player.

As a hotel broker he negotiated debt and equity specifics and properties. Now as the leader of CooperWynn, he negotiates multi-event contracts, spearheads venue analysis and coordinates the moving parts of it all seamlessly,  He runs a tight ship. Every event has equal parts veteran financier based analysis, Cornell bred hospitality and premier event execution. Stan sets CW events up for success daily and has a defined way, style & MO that he is known for in the industry.  


Jillian Becker

Director of Operations // Carnie Army Leader


tel: 970-333-0013



Home is where the boom lift is.

As the Operations Lead for CooperWynn, Jillian maintains a high volume travel schedule and has befriended thousands of participants, venue managers, carnies and city officials alike.

She got her start in the event world via motorsports by producing Snocross races and events across the country. The X Games lured Jillian to the Colorado mountains and Keystone Resort became her flagship venue.  At Keystone, she oversaw production for everything from ski and snowboard events and races, US Ski Team training, photo and film shoots, to summer time mountain bike races and festivals.

Most recently, Jillian helped to craft imperitive operation plans for both The Color Run and The Electric Run, two of the largest event series in the country. Efficient and effective execution (EEE), is second nature to this carnie army leader as she commands the most complex events, venues and barricades with jawdropping ease. Originally from Minnesota farm country, Jillian has now moved her belongings further west to Utah; so we are at least happy to keep an eye on her stuff while she keeps at it on the road.


Whitney White Kozlowski

Creactivity Guru


tel: 435-729-9245



Whitney has been involved in hospitality and special events for over 15 years. After a marketing internship at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles led to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Las Vegas, that ultimately led to an Operations role at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics;  she discovered early on that events would, eventually, become her mainstay. She's got a sharp eye for detail, what works and how to multitask like mad; which all comes in handy for the assortment of creative brainstorming, graphic design, interval training, city concierge and DJ requests that she executes for CooperWynn.


Crew Mascots


ages 7 & 5